We automate the issuance and validation of Certified Diplomas.

We digitize the trust in any document issued by your company or entity through Blockchain technology.

All that 2certs offers you

We digitize your company’s seal so that you can stamp your documents digitally.

Blockchain Technology

Secure, immutable and decentralized information.

Integral Service

Automated issuance, certification and delivery of documents.


Verification of certificates
in just 2 clicks.


Digitally certify with your own personalized seal.

Diploma Management

Automatically issues, notifies and revokes diplomas.


Integration with Moodle, LMS platforms and management systems.

Protected by Blockchain technology

Immutable decentralized system that guarantees that the authenticity of any certified document can be validated in 2 clicks.

Enhance the image of your courses with Certified Diplomas

Add reliability to your online and face-to-face courses, thanks to the issuance of diplomas with your own seal that your company manages.

Automates and controls the issuance and delivery of Certified Diplomas.

Issue hundreds of Blockchain Certified Diplomas in seconds with our CeMS system or our integrations with Moodle, LMS platforms and management systems.

Bags of Certified Diplomas according to your needs

Save 20% with the annual plan!


For professionals



Payment per month, 480€/year


For SMEs and growing companies



Payment per month, 660€/year


For organizations and large companies

If your company needs maximum control

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