Developed with Blockchain technology

We digitize the trust in the authenticity of the documents by improving the system used by the Spanish Public Administration in the generation of its official documents, storing the necessary information to verify the diplomas in a Blockchain network.

Blockchain technology is based on a decentralized and distributed data system, which is more difficult to attack than any centralized system, and the immutable nature of its transactions means that the stored information cannot be falsified without being discovered.

How does 2certs work?

We describe below the specific case for the generation of Certified Diplomas

Step 1

PDF generation

We automatically generate the Diploma in PDF format.

Step 2

CSV code

We generate a unique CSV (Secure Verification Code) for the Diploma.

Step 3

Personalized stamp

We insert the CSV together with your personalized stamp in the Diploma, for later validation.

Step 4

Diploma signature

We generate the signature of the Diploma.

Step 5

Blockchain Storage

We send the CSV and the signature of the Diploma to 2certs Smart Contract for control and management.

Why use blockchain?


It is executed through a distributed network of participants who base their trust on a set of rules for verifying, validating and aggregating transactions, which is called a consensus mechanism.


Transactions are accessible to all network participants. In the private or closed ones, only authorized users will be able to access the records. In the public or open ones, everyone will be able to access the records.


Once the transaction blocks are added to the registry, no one can edit, delete or update them, guaranteeing a single, historical version of them.

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