Certificates integrated with Moodle

Moodle plugin that allows the diplomas generated for a course to be temporarily sealed automatically in a Blockchain network, so that they cannot be forged.

Blockchain technology directly integrated into Moodle

If you use Moodle in your trainings, this is the version of 2certs that interests you.

Plugin for moodle that generates Blockchain stamped diplomas

If you use Moodle to deliver your trainings, now it is very easy to protect your diplomas with Blockchain. You only have to install the plugin that we have developed for it, and your diplomas will be sealed in Blockchain at the same moment that the student obtains it.

When a diploma is generated, this plugin seals it in Blockchain by means of a Smart Contract. The organization that issues the diploma in this way assures the student that the diploma cannot be plagiarized and that it can always be validated by a third party in a secure and fast way.

All advantages

Advantages of issuing diplomas with 2certs for Moodle.


The diplomas issued in your Moodle cannot be forged.

Simple and agile process

Generate your Blockchain sealed Diplomas in PDF format directly from Moodle.

Easily verifiable

The validation process of a diploma is done in two clicks and will not depend on the Moodle in which it was generated.

Independent system

The Diplomas generated by this Moodle plugin are validated with the Blockchain regardless of whether the Moodle from which they were created is still online or not.

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