Certificates according to your needs

BAG 500


Price of the bag: 1.750€.

BAG 1,250


Price of the bag: 3.125€.

BAG 2,500


Price of the bag: 4.250€.

Not sure which bag to choose?

Contact us and we will find the solution adapted to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Diploma Bags do not expire, that is, once you have purchased a Bag you will have unlimited time to use it.

We will inform you monthly of the Diplomas used and how many Diplomas you have left in the Exchange to use, so that you are always aware of your situation.

We will notify you when your Bag is running low in time for you to purchase another one and not interrupt your service.

Yes, that’s right.

If you use our CeMS when you buy a bag, you will receive an access data with your initial user, and from this tool you will be able to generate the Diplomas for all your clients.

If you are using any of our integrations, when you purchase a Bag you will be sent some configuration data that you will have to use in your LMS or manager with which you generate the Diplomas of all your clients.

Yes, that’s right.

The number of the Bags indicated are the most demanded by our customers, but if you are interested in hiring a Bag with a higher number of Diplomas and thus have a more competitive price, do not hesitate to contact us, sure we will reach an agreement 😉

If you use our CeMS we design with you the template that this tool will use to automatically generate the Certified Diplomas of the course editions that you give to your clients.

This template may have fixed design elements such as images, but also variable elements, such as the Student’s Name, Course Edition Name, Client’s Logo, etc…

Don’t worry, we will help you with all this.

Many of our clients are organizations or academic institutions that have a catalog of courses and deliver editions of these courses for their clients. If this is your case, you will be able to use one Exchange for all the Diplomas you issue for all your clients, if you wish.

If you use our CeMS you will have to use a username and password to access the management of your Certified Diplomas, you can have as many different users for this management as you need.