Certificates on demand with our CeMS

CeMS (Certs Managment System): web platform to automate from a single point, all the management of the Diplomas issued by your organization for all your customers.

Issue hundreds of Blockchain Certified Diplomas in a matter of seconds.

Online management of your Certified Diplomas with Blockchain

Web platform for 360 degree management and sealing/validation of your diplomas with Blockchain technology.

An online Diploma Management System for Educational Institutions

Online academic diploma management system, to help training centers in the process of managing, issuing and sealing them digitally, as automatically and simply as possible.

The system automatically seals the diploma in Blockchain, that is, it creates a reliable proof that the information on that diploma is true, so that it can NOT be falsified and so that it can be verified quickly, easily, securely and inexpensively by anyone, such as a recruiter.

All advantages

Advantages of issuing Certified Diplomas with 2certs CeMS.

Unforgeable and verifiable

The diplomas issued by your company CANNOT be forged and can be validated in 2 clicks.

360º web platform

Online management of your course catalog from a single point, course editions for different clients, configuration of templates to generate PDFs of diplomas, etc...

Saving time and money

Registration of certificates (eligible students) manually, through CSV files or through API, integrating it with your LMS or management system.

Agile and simple processes

The process of issuing and sealing diplomas on Blockchain is executed in a matter of seconds. You will be able to manage certificates in batches and automate communication with the student.

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